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Rohan Rudd



Rohan Rudd is Gumleaf Gutter Protection’s New Zealand Representative. Rohan not only installs GumLeaf Gutter Guard but also supplies GumLeaf Gutter Guard to the industry itself. Rohan is highly experienced in the gutter protection industry and has successfully installed Gumleaf Gutter Guard on both commercial and residential properties for over 7 years. Rohan’s customers are invariably impressed with the high level of service provided by Rohan plus the performance, durability and strength that GumLeaf’s Gutter Protection offers for their home. Having seen many new competing products appear on the market Rohan now knows that Gumleaf Gutter Guard is a superior gutter protection system for one’s home that unlike its competitors helps solve a whole range of issues. GumLeaf Gutter Guard will also dramatically reduce gutter cleaning for the home owner. Manufactured from the strongest BlueScope COLORBOND® steel and holding a zero fire rating (the best), Gumleaf Gutter Guard helps protects gutters from heavy snowfall and storms as well as from birds, pests and vermin. Its unique patented raised louver design is unlike any other gutter guard and works effectively to prevent leaves and dirt from blocking the gutter.



Rohan is married with 3 wonderful children and is based in Christchurch. Rohan loves working in and around Christchurch as Rohan loves the community spirit, the beautiful country side and sea side location. Rohan’s experience in the industry is of the calibre that Rohan teaches other folk in Australia on how to run a successful gutter guard business. Placing importance on service and providing excellent advice that is in the best interest of the customer, Rohan always places his customers first. This has meant that Rohan over the years has a significant number of very happy customers. To contact Rohan and receive your free quote for installation of the Gumleaf Gutter Guard, please phone Gumleaf Gutter Protection’s head office or fill in the form alongside.


New Zealand – South Island.