Is DIY gutter guard installation possible?

Getting a gutter guard installation is one of the wisest home improvements you will ever make. It undoubtedly saves you time and money from fixing clogged gutters. Also it prevents overflowing water that may destroy part of your home. It is no surprise then that gutter protection is what many homeowners use to prevent these issues.

The question is: Is it possible to DIY gutter guard? To help you make a decision that suits your circumstances, lets take a look at the comparison of doing DIY as against giving the job to the professionals.


When you consider DIY, you need to consider the price, design, quality and functionality of the materials you buy. If you are not familiar with these things, it might be hit and miss choosing the right material for the gutter guard for your roof. Investing in worthwhile home improvement definitely needs thorough research especially with questions such as: What type of gutter guard mesh matches your gutter best? Who supplies the best quality gutter protection systems? and How does the type of gutter guard affect the installation process?

If doing DIY, you have to ensure that you have all the safety equipment on hand. It is obviously not like any simple household job as it requires you to climb up the roof, and position yourself so as to be able  to install the gutter guard. Aside from securing your ladder, you will need to wear a safety harness.For tools, tinsnips are required to be able to cut the metal guard to fit. A power drill helps to complete the installation safer and quicker.

A challenge is when you have valleys in between your roof angles. Since these valleys meet at opposing angles, installation of gutter guard in valleys usually requires experience in order to fit and perform well.

The slope of your roof will also determine the level of difficulty you will experience when doing DIY. The steeper your roof is, the harder and more dangerous it is to install.


Professionals usually have experience that will help ensure that your gutter protection system is installed on your home properly, will last and will perform well.

Professionals also have all the required safety gear and tools to make sure that the installation is done effectively and safely. Also in most instances the job is done quicker than a DIY installation.

Professionals usually also clean your gutters before installation gutter guard.

Professionals also hold insurance that will cover accidents that may happen during installation.If an accident occurs and happens to damage anything professionals will have insurance to cover this damage. On top of this, they usually offer you a longer warranty period than a DIY installation and if ever there are issues later on will assist.

Whether it is learning how to install gutter guard or leaving it to the professionals, it all boils down to the resources you have in place and what you would prefer spending in terms of time, money, effort and safety.