Experience the GumLeaf Steel Difference

  • While most gutter guards work to a degree, unlike plastic gutter guards, GumLeaf’s steel gutter guards do not expand and contract or crack under the sun.
  • Not all steel gutter guardsare created equal. GumLeaf’s gutter guards are made of the finest Australian BlueScope Colorbond® steel – a durable, strong material that helps to prevent rusting while offering long-lasting performance. With our raised 3D louver design, GumLeaf’s Colorbond gutter protection system has a cheese grater style pattern that effectively prevents leaves and dirt from blocking the gutter. So, this will mean that you hardly have to precariously climb up to your roof to clean the gutters.
  • GumLeaf’s Australian Aluminium offers you no less performance but has the added benefit of being very simple and easy to install .This will save you, the homeowner time and money.
  • And finally GumLeaf’s Stainless Steel for Tiled Roofs. This is the most technically advance gutter protection system on the market. Made with marine grade stainless steel, with a micro-weave mesh and built in water diversion technology it is the industry’s best.

GumLeaf Gutter Protection Looks Amazing!

  • GumLeaf Gutter Protection has a gutter leaf protection system that will look good on your roof. Our aesthetically appealing designs come in a variety of styles and colours, so we guarantee we will have the perfectly matched system for your existing roof and/or gutter. More importantly not only does GumLeaf look good but is durable and works extremely well.
  • While other gutter guards can wear out your on roof, GumLeaf’s gutter protections systems will not. Being made of top quality material, not only do our designs fit well, they also offer security, strength and timeless appeal.
  • GumLeaf Gutter Protection offers a 25-year warranty on product performance for our Colorbond and Stainless Steel ranges and a 10-year warranty on our Aluminium range.

We are Highly Recommended

Professional tradesmen highly recommend GumLeaf’s leaf gutter guard, so you don’t have to take just our word for it. GumLeaf Gutter Protection will protect your gutters which in turn protects your home value and comfort. Our Colorbond and Aluminium systems are Australian designed and manufactured, so they will withstand Australia’s notorious conditions. GumLeaf’s Stainless Steel for Tiled Roofs is an American best of class product that will provide you with the very best the industry has to offer.