Gutter Guard Protection Products

GumLeaf’s Metal Gutter Protection Systems

GumLeaf Gutter Protection is an all Australian owned and run business, operating nationally throughout Australia and New Zealand. GumLeaf has three class-leading metal gutter guard systems that provide our customers with a wide choice for the best possible outcome for their needs. Our commercial and residential customers find GumLeaf’s Bluescope Steel Colorbond protection system ideal to invest in as a durable and effective commercial grade product. DIY home owners love GumLeafs value for money, easy to install Aluminium Gutter Protection system. GumLeaf’s Aluminium represents great value, works highly effectively and is very durable. And last but not least GumLeaf’s Stainless Steel provides a unique feature set that cannot be found elsewhere in Australia. GumLeaf’s Stainless Steel is the best the industry has to offer

Well Manufactured

GumLeaf’s Colorbond and Aluminium leaf guard is manufactured right here in Australia using the best Australian materials available. GumLeaf’s Stainless Steel is an American product that was voted as one of the best guards in the US. GumLeaf’s Colorbond and Aluminium mesh is expanded, not perforated and is made in Victoria using the latest precision manufacturing equipment for the best possible fit and durability.

Well Tested

GumLeaf Gutter Protection has been tested for over a decade on both residential and commercial buildings. Over this time the design has been improved until GumLeaf’s Gutter Protection systems have become the industries most effective and durable product. Of this we are proud as our customers will happily testify.

Well Trusted

♦ Because of GumLeaf’s products flawless history, performance and looks, it’s the tradesperson’s #1 choice. This is not earned lightly.

♦ GumLeaf provides backup support and gutter cleaning services for all customers who have GumLeaf Gutter Protection installed using one of GumLeaf’s preferred installers. How many companies offer this? GumLeaf is the leading company for leaf guard replacement, replacing old for new.

♦ Unique Design – GumLeaf’s Colorbond and Aluminium has unique eye-shaped holes and a louvered design to allow optimum water into the gutters but allows leaves to easily blow off.

♦ Looks Amazing – Our step system allows the guard to go under the first tile, NOT over the first tile. As a result GumLeaf looks neat and amazing on tiled roofs, you will not even see it from the road. GumLeaf does not create an eyesore on your home but at the same time works extremely well.

♦ GumLeaf offers a genuine and realistic warranty on its products.

♦ Maintenance – No gutter guard is maintenance free, contrary to what some companies are saying. GumLeaf is one of the easiest systems to maintain requiring no removal of the guard itself. This we know as we are also a gutter cleaning business.

♦ GumLeaf’s Gutter Guard has a flammability index rating of either 0 or 1. This is amongst the best you can get, with zero being the best.

♦ Superior leaf free gutter protections systems ensure a clear gutter, that is free from debris, leaves and other unwanted matter that could fuel an ember attack in a bush fire. Another valuable side-benefit of GumLeaf’s leaf guard systems is that they provide cleaner tank water as they help eliminate clog ups. Most importantly GumLeaf’s leaf barrier systerms will help prevent water damage in your home.

♦ Note: We recommend the flushing of silt build up in your gutters every 3-5 years once you have installed GumLeaf Gutter protection.