Gutter Maintenance: Basic Upkeep Tips to Observe

Gutter guards are essentially sturdy, protective filters that allow rain water into your gutters while keeping leaves, seeds, organisms and unwanted debris from littering and blocking your gutters. A good quality gutter guard actually needs no maintenance itself… but if any salesperson ever tells you that you never have to clean your gutters again after installing their particular brand of gutter protector –do not believe them.

So what is proper upkeep if the gutter protection does not need it?

A gutter guard is meant to reduce the amount of gutter cleaning that a home owner has to do. But like most products, it has its limitations. No gutter guard will keep all residual matter completely out of the gutters.

Every single brand, make or model will allow a certain amount of silt through, so gutter maintenance is recommended –especially if leaf litter and rains have been heavy for a while.

While gutter cleaning is still necessary, the frequency is dramatically reduced with the right gutter guard fitted on your gutters. It can sometimes take 5 years or more before any gutter clearing is required but it is best to check every 2 to 3 years.

As mentioned, if any gutter guard company claims their product can work wonders and that no maintenance is required after its installation,walk away. That claim is inaccurate and misleading. Remember, every single gutter guard allows a certain amount of silt through, and that silt needs to be removed from the gutters eventually.

Cleaning a gutter protected by a well-designed, quality, metal gutter guard is usually as simple as running the hose through the guard which will then flush out any unwanted materials from the gutters—and you don’t even have to remove the gutter guard to do it. As you clean the gutters it is a good time to also check for any stuck debris or signs of damage to your gutters.


Be sure to completely flush the silt out of the gutter to keep it in peak condition.  The other benefit of keeping up with your guttering maintenance is that you will extend the life of your gutter significantly.

In our next post, you can find out what type of gutter material is best for your home. Stay tuned for more helpful articles about gutters and tips on home improvement.

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