Mike Bonner has worked as a preferred installer for Gumleaf Gutter Protection for the past three years, supplying South Australia with one of the nation’s strongest and most adaptable gutter guard devices.

Coming to Gumleaf Gutter Protection with years of experience from his own renovation business, Mike’s Property, Maintenance and Gutters, Mr Bonner has a strong reputation within his local community as an outdoor tradesman who always sees a job completed right through from the quote to the installation.

While he has seen the introduction of several new gutter guards on the market during his time with Gumleaf Gutter Protection, he still maintains that the Gumleaf Gutter Guard is the strongest steel gutter protection device in South Australia.

Manufactured with BlueScope steel and holding a zero fire rating, the Gumleaf Gutter Guard is recognised as an innovative and leading protective device for the Australian home that’s unique raised louvred design works like no other to keep leaves and debris from blocking the gutter.

In an area that is susceptible to bushfires, the completely fire resistant Gumleaf Gutter Guard is a must have protective device for every South Australian gutter, with it also working to ensure a household’s water tank is not contaminated from dirt and leaves.

To contact Mike Bonner and receive your free quote for installing the Gumleaf Gutter Guard, please phone Gumleaf Gutter Protection’s head office fill out the enquiry form on the right side of this page.

Find a top quality GumLeaf steel gutter guard in South Australia to keep your gutters clean.

GumLeaf redefines what makes a superior gutter guard in South Australia, be it for a residential or commercial space. We are the top choice in gutter guards in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia. In fact, GumLeaf gutter guards were featured on Better Homes & Gardens as the leading brand for ember attacks from bushfires and water damage to homes.

Our mesh is created with the iconic Australian BlueScope Colorbond® steel. It is expanded not perforated, holding a zero flammability index. The mesh is electroplated, powder-coated and then coloured, which results in high anti-corrosion performance.

Being a pioneering and leading BlueScope Colorbond Steel gutter guard product specialist, we have a team of insured installers who are experts in the field.

Our products come in a variety of colours, so with the help of our experienced installers, you can be sure there’s a perfect match for your existing roof and gutter profiles.

We value product quality, yet our prices for gutter guard in South Australia are highly competitive. Since we produce in bulk, our customers can enjoy discounted rates. The best news is our gutter protection systems are backed with a 25-year warranty. Call us for a FREE QUOTE.