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Graeme Barton



Graeme is Gumleaf Gutter Protection’s Western Victoria (including Western Melbourne) coordinator. Graeme has built a trusted reputation right across the region through his professional, pleasant and down to earth demeanour for over 7 years. By installing GumLeaf’s highly regarded and trusted Gutter Guard, Graeme has ensured that his customers have the best gutter protection available on the market today. This includes homes that survived the horrific Black Saturday bush fires. With significant experience behind him, Graeme has tried and tested many different gutter guards before deciding to partner with Gumleaf Gutter Protection. Graeme believes that Gumleaf Gutter Guard is the strongest, most durable and functional gutter protection on the market. It is a product that Graeme stands by and feels confident installing. Graeme has installed over 40 kilometres of GumLeaf Gutter Guard .That is a lot of homes that are better off. GumLeaf’s Gutter Guard is manufactured with BlueScope COLORBOND® Steel which is highly durable and strong. Gumleaf Gutter Guard is recognised as an innovative and industry leading gutter protection system for Australian homes that has a unique patented raised louvered design which works like no other guard to keep leaves and debris from blocking your gutter. In an area where bush fires are a constant danger, Graeme believes that Gumleaf Gutter Guard offers homeowners the best security come Victoria’s hot summer season as it is one of the only fire resistant gutter protection systems with a fire rating of zero (the best) available in the region.



Graeme is married (for over 25 years) with three amazing children. Living in the West Melbourne area, Graeme enjoys travelling to different parts of Western Victoria and believes that Western Victoria is the best area to live and work in because of the friendly folk who live there and the picturesqueness of the area. Graeme enjoys installing GumLeaf Gutter Guard as he knows by doing this he is helping people get their valuable time back and helps keep them safer by not having to climb onto their roofs or reducing the threat of ember attack in the case of bush fires. Graeme’s hobbies include camping in the camping trailer that he built himself and cycling for exercise. Incredibly loyal to Gumleaf Gutter Protection, Graeme installs Gumleaf Gutter Guard through his business Capital Improvements. To contact Graeme and receive a free quote please phone Gumleaf Gutter Protection’s head office or fill in our contact form.




Graeme has had many different experiences over the many years installing GumLeaf Gutter Guard. One particular situation stands out. Graeme quoted for a customer that had an extreme bird problem in his roof. There was Graeme harnessed up on the roof cleaning the gutters thoroughly when Graeme turned the corner only to be confronted by a seemingly deadly snake. After re-grouping and waiting for his heart rate to drop below 200 beats per minute, Graeme discovered that it was in fact a rubber snake that the owner had placed on the roof as a deterrent to the birds. Obviously that didn’t work and seems like Graeme was the only one to think that the toy snake was real. After the job, Graeme explained what had happened to the owner. Both had a chuckle and the owner apologised with all sincerity but kept the snake to scare his kids off the roof.