GumLeaf Aluminium on a Tiled Roof

GumLeaf Aluminium on a Corrugated Roof

GumLeaf’s Aluminium Gutter Guard is amazing value DIY gutter protection for your home. An unguarded gutter can struggle against Australia’s leaves, debris and severe weather conditions. At GumLeaf Gutter Guard we can guarantee your family’s home security and comfort with GumLeaf’s superb Aluminium Gutter Guard.

  • No screws in your gutter or home
  • Very easy to install on all roof types.
  • Fits discretely into your gutter so looks great.
  • Reduces gutter cleaning dramatically.
  • Much safer for the DIY handyman as is so easy to fit due to innovative fitting technology
  • Custom made micromesh technology for fantastic performance.
  • Quality Aluminium for durability.
  • Provides protection against ember attack and helps protect you against bush fires.
  • Will not allow pine needles or she-oak needles inside gutter.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • Proven performance – product has been used highly successfully for over 8 years.
  • Conveniently sold in an easy purchase 5 pack to help you save.
  • Has a CSIRO rating of 1. This will satisfy most council regulations.
  • GumLeaf’s Aluminium Gutter Guard will impress.

Designed specifically for the DIY handyman, it is simple and quick to install. Representing great value, GumLeaf’s Aluminium Gutter Guard is made out of quality Australian Aluminium that gives you durability and excellent performance.

With a high fire rating GumLeaf’s Aluminium Gutter Guard complies with council requirements thereby keeping your home safer.

Suitable for both tile and corrugated roofs GumLeaf’s Aluminium Gutter Guard looks great in any situation. Easy to install and as a result safer to install, it is a perfect choice for the value conscious DIY handyman home owner.

We invest in product quality yet our gutter guard prices are very competitive. What’s more, since we produce in bulk, GumLeaf can provide discount rates to our customers. GumLeaf Gutter Protection remains the top gutter guard choice in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia. We were featured on Better Homes & Gardens as a leading gutter guard which helped prevent the need to clean gutters, helps prevent water damage to homes and help prevent ember attacks from bushfires.