Gutter Protection Systems

Here at GumLeaf Gutter Protection , we take great pride in helping our customers preserve the value of their homes and buildings. GumLeaf offers amongst the industry’s best gutter protection solutions. GumLeaf Gutter Protection is based in Sydney in a large warehouse that services both Australia and New Zealand nationally. GumLeaf Gutter Protection has for over a decade been driven by the single minded focus to develop the very best range of gutter protections systems that the industry has to offer and back this up with exemplary service.

Under the careful guidance of Andre John, Gumleaf Gutter Protection continues to provide service and product development of the highest standard. Andre is married and lives in Sydney with his wife and two sons. Andre’s passion for the industry is reflected in his enjoyment of running GumLeaf Gutter Protection and the satisfaction it brings to GumLeaf’s all important customers.

Using the skills of a mechanical engineer plus that of a highly successful professional gutter protection installer the patented Bluescope Colorbond Steel GumLeaf Gutter Guard system was developed in 1995 and has been extremely successful helping protect Australians for around two decades. This was followed by the development of the easy to install and equally popular Aluminium GumLeaf Gutter Guard that has helped many DIY homeowners protect their homes. Both products are made right here in Australia. Our latest product is a patented marine grade stainless steel gutter guard that offers the industry’s finest hole size of 1/3 of a mm and a unique water diverter system that gives the home owner the best gutter guard that the industry has to offer.

All this would not be possible without the team that help manage a very efficiently run organisation. Kelli does a sensational job ensuring that head office is extremely professionally run, as do our team of Preferred GumLeaf Installers around Australia. GumLeaf Gutter Protection is constantly striving to minimise its carbon foot print as well as give back to the local community. Initiatives like recycling and donating to local causes all help GumLeaf become a better corporate citizen.